FAQ What is the minimum age requirement for renting car?
The hirer required to be not less than 25 years old and the driving license more than two years’ experience.

If my driving license is new, can I rent car a car from you?
The hirer driving license required to be more than two years old.

Is it mandatory to present at your office for renting car?
The hirer must declare that he shall be present at We Rent A Car to submit his/her driving license & id as per our requirement. 

What are the terms and conditions?
Please see the terms and conditions

Can I rent a car if my driving license expired?

No, it is against the traffic law we cannot rent vehicle with expired driving license. 

Is it mandatory to have credit card for renting car from you?
Yes but we are having cash deposit facility for locals & residence permit holders in Bahrain.   

Do I need to keep any security for renting car?
Yes, you can allow us to hold some amount from your credit card or cash deposit.

Do I have to pay the full rent at the time of renting or just cash security or pre-auth in enough?
The hirer must to pay rental amount in advance, can be made through cash or credit cards  which is accepted in Bahrain and security deposit will be requested at rental time accordingly with the hirer’s age limits. 

I am the renter; is my family & friends allowed to use this car?
This contract is personal and the hirer has no right and shall not be legible in any situation to allow any person whose name has not been mentioned in the hire contract to drive rented vehicle, in case of violation, We Rent a Car shall have the right to withdraw the vehicle at any time or place and terminate the contact. The hirer will be responsible to pay for all the damages onto the vehicle and onto the others as a result of this act despite the fact that the insurance policy does not cover damages resulting from the use of vehicle by other non-authorized people who have not been mentioned in the hire contract. 

If the rental agreement is on daily biases, can I change it to weekly or monthly?
No, It is not allowed to transfer the Agreement from Daily to weekly or monthly, when the hirer wishes to extend, the first agreement should be end, the hirer at the time of hiring vehicle shall inform to We Rent A Car how long they required vehicle.  

If i delay to return from the time of rented will you charge me?
The hirer must submit the car back on the specified time in the contract. Failure to abide with this condition shall result in the imposition of any hourly delay charge of BD 1/- for small vehicles, BD 3/- for medium vehicles, BD 6/- for large vehicles and BD 8/- for luxury vehicles. Besides, We Rent A Car shall have the right to count monthly and weekly rent fares as per the daily rates. 

How quick I can rent a car from you?
In just 5 minutes how fast, you can provide us ID, Driving license & security deposit.   

When you will return my deposited cash or pre-auth?
We need 7 working days to return the security deposit after inspection of traffic violation.  

What if I return the vehicle early than end of rental period?
We will provide you credit days in behalf of remaining day of rental.  

What if I receive any tickets (traffic offence or traffic fine) from traffic police?
The hirer will be responsible for traffic fines, offence or any tickets in the duration of renting period and he/she have to pay at the same time. 

How can I get discount?
We would like to invite you on our social media for the best offers like Instagram, twitter, Facebookwhatsapp ect. 

Do you rent luxury vehicles?
Yes. We are offering All type of brand new luxury vehicles such as Rang Rover, Lexus LX570, Lexus RC 350, Lexus LS 350, Lexus ES 350, Land Cruiser, FJ Cruiser, Toyota Avalon Etc.   

Do I smoke in the car?
No. Our all vehicles are smoke free if our representative fined smoke smell you will be charge BD 25/-

Do you have baby seat, GPS, etc?
Yes, We provide all the accessories but that will be chargeable. 

Do I have to pay for petrol?
No, However, what fuel level you received while renting vehicle you have to return same or you have to pay for that as per the equaled fuel.

What is the minimum hours for each day rental?
The period of rental as long as the hirer keeps the vehicle, provided at least is twenty-four (24 hours). 

What is the allowed kms?
The hirer allowed up to maximum 200 km/ per day for Daily agreement, allowed up to maximum 150 km per day for weekly agreement and allowed up to maximum 4000 km per month for monthly agreement. 

Will you charge me for over used kms?
The hirer allowed up to maximum of 200 km per day small vehicle & BD 2/- for the rest of If the contact on monthly biases the limit is 4000 kms for every exceeding 10 KM BD 1/- for small vehicle & BD 2/- for the rest of the vehicle types will be charge for every exceeding 10 KM.

Can I take your car out if Bahrain?
No, We Rent A Car not allowed to take car out of Bahrain.  

In case of any accident, how much I suppose to pay?
In case of any accident and/ or any theft, the hirer shall report the same to the nearest police station and We Rent A Car immediately. Hirer shall obtain police report, a replacement vehicle will be provided only after the submission of the same when pay the obligatory and breakdown charges.
If you are in the fault, you have to pay insurance excess along with traffic police report.

In case of breakdown, how fast I can get replacement car?
We start our procurer at the same time when you inform us and apply terms and condition.  

What if there will be some minor damage on the vehicle?
Our vehicles will repair only in agent as per the quotation will charge you if it is something minor.

Do you deliver vehicle to my doorstep?
Yes, if your booking for monthly biases will deliver free but if is daily or weekly this will be chargeable for one way BD 5/-

Can I book my car online by phone or online?
Yes, You can visit our website https://www.werentacarbh.com/Online-Booking/ or find our contact numbers on https://www.werentacarbh.com/ContactUs/

How many hours before i can reserve the car?
Online thru our website, you can book 2 hours before or you can contact us any branch in working hours or 24/7 to our Airport office.  

In case of reservation cancellation, is there any charges?
Yes, I case of any cancellation, Charges will be depend on the vehicle pickup time, like before 24hrs from the time of pickup or more then that your will find on our website in booking modification.    

How to cancel my reservation online?
Please visit our website www.werentacarbh.com go thru the modification T&C apply.

How many locations do you have?
We are located in 4 deferent lactations in Kingdom of Bahrain.
AdliyaAl ZinijExhibition Road (Hoora) , Bahrain international Airport (soon)

Are you open for 24/7?
Yes, Our Airport Office Operate 24/7.

Do you lease vehicles for long teams?
In this regard please send us your requirement on mail eman@werentacarbaharin.com will get back to you at the same time. 

Do you have chauffeur drive?
Yes, We provide all type of chauffeur drive service with well experience drivers for all-purpose as in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia as hourly biases, pickup & drop off marriages and all the functions.  

Do you do airport transfers?
Yes, We do airport transfers 24/7 from anywhere in Bahrain as well as Saudi Arabia.

Do provide Saudi transfers?
Yes, We Provide Saudi Transfers pickup & drop off from to Saudi Arabia.

Who will be responsible for vehicle maintenance?
We Rent A Car will responsible for regular service as per the requirement you just have to inform as.

Do you provide special rate for companies?
Yes, We are have special rates for our corporate clients you can send us inquires on email eman@werentacarbahrain.com will get back to you at the same time.